How to wash a mattress

Mattress cleaning: How to wash a mattress?

The "Clean Mattress" task will no longer be impossible with these tips

Mattress cleaning becomes a difficult mission whenever the urge arises. We tend to concentrate on it whenever there is a spill or the presence of mites. However, it is essential for its maintenance frequent cleaning to avoid the accumulation of dust and obnoxious visitors. And go to a professional mattress cleaning company at home with a certain periodicity, to ensure its hygiene.

In emergencies it is common to purchase commercial products. The mattress cleaner is a good ally when it comes to stocking up. We can also use home remedies and the tools we have at home. Taking basic care measures into account will help the mattress is clean and you can enjoy a better quality of sleep.

It has been shown that cleaning mattresses on a regular basis guarantees a better rest and translates into a good quality of life. When sleeping, traces of sweat, blood and even in particular situations, urine accumulate. This creates a favorable environment for the proliferation of bacteria, mites and fungi.

Through some techniques that we present below, it is possible to achieve a method to be repeated with a certain periodicity, in such a way that the task of "cleaning a mattress" is no longer a problem. It's fundamental maintain a grooming routine and follow the recommendations, so that the mattress lasts longer and a safer rest is obtained.

How to wash a mattress?

Mattress washing should be done once a month. It can be done dry. Before starting, you should vacuum or brush to remove dust, mites and any solid that may be lodged there. It is important do it on both sides, once the total mattress surface is completed, reverse it and repeat the same action.

At the end of this first task, mattress cleaning should be completed. washing the stains If the mattress is made of regular foam or springs, you can use a mixture of water with detergent that will be applied directly to the affected area. For this, use a natural sponge or a damp cloth. A lot of foam will be produced, which we must let rest until it dries.

It is important ventilate the environment for faster drying and to help the mattress air out. Then use a clean cloth to remove any remaining remains and repeat on the reverse side. In memory foam mattresses It is not recommended to use water, as it can more easily penetrate the material and generate a musty smell.

In this case, use a mattress cleaning product or a dry foam, which is applied with a cloth and removed in the same way. Memory foam can be very comfortable to rest on, but it's more difficult in the event of a spill or stain. It is convenient to let it dry in the sun in case of contact with any type of liquid.

Mattress cleaning: maintenance

Mattress cleaning can be much easier if we carry out a Daily maintenance of our rest space. For this it is recommended change the sheets at least once a week. Prior to placing clean sheets, leave air out the mattress for two hours. It is also valuable to make the bed every day.

When the sheets, blankets and covers are arranged on the bed, it is more difficult for mites to access the interior of the mattress. According to scientific studies, after waking up it is advisable to wait two hours to make the bed. In this way the sheets are dried from night sweat and some substances that come off the skin during rest are discarded.

Another vital task is turn the mattress regularly, biweekly keeping the use side and once a month making a complete change. This prevents the accumulation of dust and mites in a concentrated area and reduces material wear. Remember to shake the pillows and bedding daily.

Request the services of a Professional mattress cleaning company at home at least every 6 months. In this way, good hygiene and maintenance of all material is guaranteed. His work is deeper and uses products that are not usually found in commercial stores. It is essential in people with allergies or with a depressed immune system.

difficult stains

Mattresses become support for numerous daily activities. This can generate a large number of stains that become a problem. In addition to being unpleasant to look at, they include odors and sometimes They are a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. It is always convenient to clean stains as soon as possible.

The most common stain on mattresses is caused by sweat. If it is not resolved with the methodology of the previous paragraphs, we can use ammonia, water and soap. Make a mixture and apply with a clean and dry natural sponge. Leave to act for an hour and remove with a damp cloth.

We can also find blood stains. They are regular due to wounds that have not healed or some unexpected situation. For this you can use hydrogen peroxide, which is applied with a sprayer and is expected to act. It is then removed with a damp cloth. If contact with blood is recent, it is recommended to clean immediately with cold water or milk so that it does not penetrate the foam.

Those who live with children or older adults may encounter urine losses or stains. If it is wet, it is recommended to use four measures of water mixed with one of vinegar and apply with a clean cloth that we must then discard. If the stain is dry, we can go to the mixture of water with bicarbonate, and if necessary add vinegar in equal proportion.

The mixture should be left to act for two hours and then removed with a cloth. In any case, once the area is dry, let the mattress air out in the open air and, if possible, under the sun. This will help with the hygiene of the center of the mattress that we cannot access from the surface. Ultraviolet rays have a disinfectant action and of course, with the heat, they favor drying.  

Bad smells

It is possible that, if periodic mattress cleaning and required maintenance was not performed, bad odors are suffered at rest. This implies the proliferation of germs and bacteria in our mattresses. There are some methods that we can put into practice to avoid discarding them and prolong their useful life. 

Again a possible option is baking soda. It can be mixed with water and applied to the entire surface with a clean cloth or spray. Leave to act for an hour and remove. If this method is not enough, you can distribute the baking soda throughout the mattress and leave it on overnight. In the morning remove and evaluate if the desired effect was achieved.

Alternatively, we can find the antibacterial sprays scented They are purchased in markets or cleaning product stores. They are applied to the entire surface and allowed to dry. This action is repeated if necessary. It is also important to ventilate, even outdoors in a sunny area.

Mattress cleaning is essential for a good rest. When we sleep we discard particles and sweat that accumulate on the sheets and are transferred to the mattress. Performing regular maintenance is vital to maintain hygiene and avoid allergies or diseases. Moisture and dirt are conducive to the proliferation of mites, bacteria and fungi. Mattress washing on a monthly basis keeps the bed clean and prolongs the life of its materials. The care must be daily and includes a routine of cleaning and ventilation of sheets, pillows, covers. At least every six months it is advisable to request a mattress cleaning service at home, to guarantee deep sanitation.