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隆Dile adi贸s a las manchas y olores con nuestro tratamiento especializado en Alfombras!

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Are you worried about the accumulated dust on your carpet? Do persistent stains give you headaches? Is the bad smell already unbearable? Do not care anymore! Our team of experts will take care of removing every last particle of dirt, restoring your carpet to its original freshness and cleanliness.

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Limpieza de alfombras de oficinas en panama

Servicio de limpieza de alfombras

limpieza de alfombra en panama

Albroow Mall cinema carpet cleaning

limpieza de alfombra en panama

Carpet cleaning Sunly el Dorado restaurant

limpieza de alfombra en panama

Panamerican Life Carpet Cleaning

limpieza de alfombra en panama

Office carpet cleaning in Panama

One of the advantages that sets us apart is that we deliver your rug completely dry after washing. Forget about long waits and worries about drying. We make sure you can enjoy your freshly cleaned carpet right away.

Don't let a dirty, unkempt rug ruin the look of your office. Our carpet cleaning service will give you impeccable results and a fresh look for your workspace.

limpieza de alfombra en panama

Hotel Riu carpet cleaning

limpieza de alfombra en panam谩

Carpet cleaning Grupo los Pueblos

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Carpet cleaning in Call Center

limpieza de alfombra en panama

International Food Carpet Cleaning


More than 400 positive opinions from our customers

Rocio Hernandez GajanoRocio Hernandez Gajano
22:39 01 Mar 23
Excellent Service. Super professionals and experts in cleaning furniture. A total makeover. Thank you
The technicians were very kind and friendly and the furniture was like new. Good job. 100% recommended. Although a little expensive but I think they are worth it... I'm waiting for an offer for next time... 馃榿 Regards
Vivian ArmijoVivian Armijo
19:24 20 Jan 23
Very happy with the entire experience, from the evaluation of the area to be polished, the sending of the quote, response to all my concerns, the recommendations given and finally the delivery of the finished work. Excellent service and results!
Margaux Ymargaux y
20:56 01 Nov 22
I hired them for the cleaning of two sofas, very good attention by phone and the service was quite fast. They left both sofas like new, and above all they dry them afterwards so they look perfect. Thank you for everything, highly recommended!
Anthony ChersiaAnthony Chersia
16:17 16 Oct 22
Excellent service! It was super clean and very good attention from the first moment. Mr. Carlos was very attentive and explained the process and the results to me. Fully grateful!

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For experience, quality and international certification
in carpet cleaning

Call us today and you will be surprised how your carpet will turn out, super clean like the first day, we will eliminate the stains, the bad smell and they will be dry 100% ready to use and you will have our backup guarantee.聽

Lavado de tapetes a domicilio en panama

Our team of cleaning experts will ensure that your rug is spotless, soft and spot free. Getting rid of pet odor is one of our main goals, ensuring that your mat looks and smells fresh as the first day.
limpieza de alfombra tapetes

Deep washing of oriental rugs

limpieza de alfombras de Yute

Jute rug washing

limpieza de alfombra en panama

Lavado de tapetes sint茅ticos

lavado de alfombra para eliminar orine de mascotas

Wash to remove pet urine

Carpet repairs in Panama

We'll do your rug repairs to pamper you, Let us do what we do best, and soon you'll be enjoying your rug in mint condition, looking radiant and ready to impress. We can weave the fringes of your antique Persian rug or if you prefer we can sew the edges. Contact us today to get your rug back!

colocaci贸n de cenefa en alfombra

Placement of border on rug

reparaci贸n de alfombra

Border Weave on Mat

tejido de flecos de alfombras

Fringed fabric in rugs

reparaci贸n de alfombras

Carpet Repair

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Carpet dry cleaning at home, Questions?

If you need to quickly clean up a spill or stain on your carpet, you can find homemade cleaning solutions on our blog.聽here.

We often get questions about carpet steam cleaning in Panama. We use a process called detergent injection and extraction to clean the carpet. We use our proprietary carpet cleaning machines to do a deep clean. These machines pump hot water into the carpet to loosen the dirt from within the fibers, then draw out the water and remove the dirt. The powerful suction removes a significant amount of water so your carpet is dry in a matter of hours.

Drying time is affected by humidity, temperature, and airflow to the area. carpet cleaning, it can take 2-6 hours to dry completely, however it is our policy to deliver your 100% carpet dry. In other cases, using fans in any clean room and turning on your air conditioning system can help speed up drying time. Be sure to leave kick blocks under furniture legs and any wallpaper used with upholstered items in place until carpet and/or furniture is completely dry to prevent color transfer. You can walk on your carpet immediately after cleaning, but avoid wearing street shoes as they can re-soil your carpet. We suggest wearing shoes with clean rubber soles. Take extra care when walking from wet, carpeted areas to non-carpeted areas to avoid slipping.

Yes. There is no charge to move furniture and we are professionally trained to move your furniture. Once your carpet cleaning is complete, we return all your furniture to its place of origin. We suggest that you remove items from your furniture, such as electronics, plants, lamps and ornaments, before deep cleaning your carpet. We will move most furniture that can be safely moved. There are several items we will not be moving including pianos, electronics, china cabinets, beds, mirrored dressers, pool tables, etc.

On average, office carpet cleaning in Panama will take approximately 20 minutes for each office or bedroom. This time can vary greatly depending on the amount of furniture being moved, how dirty the carpet is, and any stain removal treatments needed.

To define which method we are going to use to clean your carpet, first, we do an analysis of the type of carpet, its composition (wool or synthetic), to make sure that your carpet will be in perfect condition after finishing cleaning. We are trained to use different cleaning methods, the most common is the injection and extraction process, but we can also clean with bonnets and others.