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Boat interior cleaning service

We understand the importance of keeping your boat's upholstery in excellent condition, since it is one of the elements most exposed to wear and tear and external elements. Our team of experts is highly trained to provide the best care and keep your boat's interior and upholstery in pristine condition.

Internal Cleaning of Ships in Panama

limpieza de colchones de barco

Boat mattress cleaning

limpieza interior de barcos

Deep upholstery cleaning

limpieza interior de barcos

Cushion removal

What does it consist of? boat cleaning

We know that your boat is more than just a boat. It is your refuge, your place of escape, where you create unforgettable moments with your loved ones. But over time, wear and tear and the accumulation of dust and dirt can affect the experience you want to provide on board.

This is where we enter the scene. We are ready to take on the arduous task of restoring your boat to its original splendor and freshness. From the meticulous cleaning of the bathrooms to the meticulous attention to the beds and mattresses, we will take care of every detail so that you can enjoy a clean and welcoming environment.

Our goal is to eliminate any lingering bad odors and get rid of the dust and beach dirt that has accumulated in every corner. We will wash the carpets and curtains so that they look like new, restoring a touch of elegance and comfort to your boat.

We know that this job is not easy, but our team is prepared to face the challenge with determination and dedication. We are passionate about what we do and take pride in the end result we can achieve. We want to exceed your expectations and surprise you with a comprehensive cleaning that makes your boat shine like never before.

Imagine the satisfaction of seeing your boat transformed, every surface gleaming and every space imbued with freshness. It will be as if we were bringing your second home back to life, allowing you to fully enjoy every moment on board.

limpieza interior de barcos

Boat carpet cleaning

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Boat curtain cleaning

limpieza interior de barcos

Boat furniture cleaning

limpieza de colchones de barco

Boat mattress cleaning

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More than 400 positive opinions from our customers

Rocio Hernandez GajanoRocio Hernandez Gajano
22:39 01 Mar 23
Excellent Service. Super professionals and experts in cleaning furniture. A total makeover. Thank you
The technicians were very kind and friendly and the furniture was like new. Good job. 100% recommended. Although a little expensive but I think they are worth it... I'm waiting for an offer for next time... 😁 Regards
Vivian ArmijoVivian Armijo
19:24 20 Jan 23
Very happy with the entire experience, from the evaluation of the area to be polished, the sending of the quote, response to all my concerns, the recommendations given and finally the delivery of the finished work. Excellent service and results!
Margaux Ymargaux y
20:56 01 Nov 22
I hired them for the cleaning of two sofas, very good attention by phone and the service was quite fast. They left both sofas like new, and above all they dry them afterwards so they look perfect. Thank you for everything, highly recommended!
Anthony ChersiaAnthony Chersia
16:17 16 Oct 22
Excellent service! It was super clean and very good attention from the first moment. Mr. Carlos was very attentive and explained the process and the results to me. Fully grateful!