Sofa protector against cats

Sofa protector against cats

Cat Scratch Furniture Protector, Single Side Self-Adhesive Sofa Corner Protectors Protection Against Cat and Dog Scratches,PCat furniture protectors sofa corner protector, anti-cat scratch protectors

$5 +itbms

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Sofa protector against cat

Durable and Flexible: Cat furniture protectors are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, flexible and clear vinyl. It is harmless to the body of people and pets. Plus, it's thick enough to prevent scratches and flexible enough to bend around the contours of your furniture.
This sofa protector is 100% clear and blends well with furniture, providing almost invisible protection. It will also not damage the appearance of the sofa.
Maximize Furniture Protection: The cat sofa protector works on any upholstered furniture. Whether it is a sofa, chair, carpet or loveseat, this product can protect them from cat scratches.
Easy to install: You can easily secure the durable vinyl to your upholstered furniture.
Note: Open and place the scratch guard flat on the table or other clean place for a while before use. Therefore, it can avoid wrinkles due to inertia when used.

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